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OneHive War #338

Some more thoughts on the friendly challenge update as well as a selection of really nice 3 star attacks from our latest war. Hope you guys enjoy and hopefully …


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  1. I shat my pants when we got matched up with you guys!. Btw I was number 16 on the map!

  2. That last attack was the best one. It takes real skill and experience to…adjust on the fly. Like damn, I've done it a handful of times and I've been in a little over a hundred wars.

  3. Take all the break you need bud! Keep up the good work!

  4. LOL Disel hit Vin….Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Yea last war I failed on the general ?

  6. Personally the minimum should be 35 hours, people war from all over the world with start times sometimes in the middle of the night for them. At minimum 35 hours would be practical for this to be good for me. Other than that I think the ability to attack previous wars as long as the have access still is also a good thing.

  7. Just prevent people in prep day and battle day from viewing replays and accepting challenges, and also prevent people from leaving the clan. Otherwise they automatically expend their attacks.

  8. Jake you know how a certain clan's war log will be available to see from outside of that clan? You can chose for that to be available on clan settings. Would OneHive allow for that?

  9. while his valks are doing the tanking,he sneaks them in the backside????

  10. 13:25 Vin attacking Disel

  11. Was Cheetum in this war?

  12. Mic sounds a little distorted today.

  13. 2:35 I must go.. my people need me

  14. They should make the cooldown like 30 hours, then you have enough time to put up your real base even if the war starts at night.

  15. Anyone know who their 300th war win attempt is against?

  16. Any comments from you Jake on Cheetum getting caught modding in Cold September?

  17. best wizard I've seen!

  18. Morning Vainglory Question: are you interested in featuring a casual matchup with you, whistle and abe vs. other vg-youtubers like rumblysuperset, bentimm1 and bladehart. would really enjoy seeing you compete, perhaps i m not the only one?

  19. 24 hr thing wouldnt work, it has to be 48 hrs and they can still practise in other clans…