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OneHive War #340 Power CoC

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  1. nobody is interested if we cant see replays lol

  2. clash strea HYPE HYPE HYPE OP NESS

  3. At first I got worried from the short video thinking you somehow encountered a modding clan, even after the update. Good to see it was just the update.

  4. So basically war at TH10, despite the balancing at TH10, is still a 2-star game (just now on 11's). RIP

  5. It shouldn't really be an alien concept since it was the same arrangement pre-th11 update when low9s will 2star th10 to ensure a th10 dip

  6. Will your Members use the Friendly challenge on War day to get an advantage on enemy bases? probably yes. Is this update shit? Yes as well….

  7. whats wrong guys?? why are you saying "power coc or playing coc"…? i didnt get it

  8. one hive is the best coc teacher and orange juice is the best clash royale teacher

  9. Hey Jake, where are the VG videos. is there another channel for that? I follow both CoC and VG. thanks for the content.

  10. Hey Jake and people, Talking about dipping down, how would this work in a war with th7,8,9? Thanks!

  11. Jake your room you record in should have some sound dampeners. Otherwise another great vid and I look forward to the stream.

  12. Stop milking it jake… Drop those infernoes… You have better heroes than me & troops & I have both infernos already with only 33/30

  13. that was power coc not playin

  14. I really liked the replays

    don't fall for it :p

  15. Think Jake was daydreaming of OH trying to beat PwC

  16. lol title?

  17. playing coc or power coc?

  18. haha confused at the first glance on the title

  19. I think there's something wrong with the "donate now" thing:
    Theres no healer and wiz
    Drag and Pekka in donate now is 25 gems to donate while in barracks its just 5 gems when you gem it.

  20. Jake was distracted from playing with coc when he typed the title…

  21. I heard Khal Drogo's base took 7 hits before it finally went down and it took a th10 dip to do it…any truth to these rumors??!!

  22. Lol playin CoC

  23. Wow, nice job Onehive.

  24. Should I focus on upgrading golem, valks or queen as a mid th9?

  25. 1 minute ago :D

  26. Please correct the title, I know you are still awake! ?

  27. change the Name it is Power coc Not playin Coc

  28. playin coc? that doesnt seem right haha

  29. Jake wrong Name…

  30. 1st