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OneHive War #346

We randomly run into Dragonflower again! Hope you guys enjoy the attack selection from this competitive war. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. WIsh we would've never showed Crispy the bowlers… rip war whales

  2. where are those cheap haters who call Onehive a modding clan?

  3. Nerf CrispOp

  4. Lol I am lazy assassin…. Sad to see me get wrecked so badly but thats alright. Good war OH!

  5. We all want a bowler nerf?? Who's we lol?? You guys still aren't 3 starring their good TH11s with them, so I guess they aren't that OP?? It's ok for Hogs or loons to 3 star Th9s all day, but a troop that can get 2 stars on a good TH11 needs a nerf…. Not everyone who plays the game, has 6hrs to plan an attack. The new troops are great for the average players.

  6. You should come by and visit our Clan the Name Is Lethal Eight we are lvl 10 and a very extreme war clan currently our record is 193-12-3 would really appreciate it if u could come by and check out our wars

  7. Back tahaha where is hell roarrrrrr

  8. Tref Daddy is a great attacker but with th8 defenses that base was too easy to 3 star

  9. Hi jake, can your clans feeder clan AW againts WHF2?

  10. 532 views, 77 likes, 0 dislikes, damn son…

  11. 9k gems dang son

  12. nine

  13. CAC Question: Now that Bowlers are making a significant appearance at Town Hall Ten and Eleven, what will happen to valks? Will a Valkyrie nerf still be top priority? Love the vids Jake, Keep up the good work. -Z

  14. what is up guys! its jake from onehive hahaha another awesome recap mr jake!

  15. The queen at 13:00 was having a dance off

  16. OH has been wrecking everybody omy

  17. "They're like valks but (with) half a brain" hahahaha

  18. Look how the defending queen was spazzing out after she died in the last raid. wtf was that?

  19. Well shit, I didn't even upgrade my barracks because bowlers sucked… And look at them now…

  20. DF is definitely coming back strong.

  21. love this war recaps 🙂
    we find a lot to learn from it thanks

  22. Netflexing then sunddenly, it's onehive time!

  23. 1st