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OneHive War #349

A few 3 star attacks from our latest farming war. Unfortunately they didn’t fill ccs but still some nice attacks from the boys and girls of the Hive. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Dang, u know duche was screaming at his place. Getting all salty, maybe shedding a few tears; wishing he had saw to use the queens ability. Nt duche, nt

  2. Is it possible to get 99.99% Total Destruction? Maybe with a 50v50 war?

  3. +OneHive Raids huge fan of you Jake im in OneHive Swarm for tryouts when can i see you and the gang ?

  4. i was expecting a th9 attack

  5. why not using the skeleton spell ? would have saved duche's attack and many others that are super close

  6. Bowlers are too boring… Bring your good closets back so we can see a sexy lalo

  7. show more fail attacks

  8. Oh come on, no th9

  9. Duche ??hard luck mate

  10. Please match pwc!!!

  11. Second!!! ツ

  12. first viewer!!