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OneHive War #350

A selection of 3 star attacks from our recent war, and no bowlers this time! Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as …


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  1. use miners

  2. boss' attack was dirty, nice job

  3. I miss golaloon attacks

  4. Do you leave your war log open to intimidate the enemy clan lol I'd be scared to see all that green

  5. C&C question: How often do th10s need to drop to clean TH9s with you guys? Ever?

  6. Haha when your phone went I looked straight up at my phone.

  7. Nice One Jake

  8. You sound really happy in this video jake. Something special happening in real life or were you just in a good mood when you were recording this?

  9. U r great, Jake…so many videos in a day…Keep up the good work my man

  10. can we have a live attack with ms megan? that would be cool i guess..nice attacks guys..greetings from the Philippines..???

  11. Awesome war recap as always jake….Brilliant stuff as alwys

  12. Dat Boss attack doe

  13. Jake logic: mass valks are okay very skillful attacks, bowler attacks nooooo mass bowlers no skill required, dude we all wanna see a th11 3 star come on!

  14. New war nice

  15. First to say "first"

  16. hello onehivers!

  17. way early lol