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OneHive War #351 OneHive 2 0

An epic showdown between OneHive and 2.0 Hope you guys enjoy the 3 star selection and awesome job to both clans. Check out my Patreon page and help …


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  1. hey jake is there any similar youtubers as yourself that upload war raids

  2. Seems like Clash getting revived

  3. fix the mic. :{

  4. quick tip: at the beginning of the attack pause the video and try to imagine how they are going to attack with the troop composition that you see. then play the video and see how their plan differs from yours

  5. Wow jake so many subs now! I remember when you had like 20k subs. Been a follower ever since and i'm getting back into clash because of many changes they made! Just made a video hope to have as many subs as you one day! that would be awesome. Thanks for what you done to the clash community

  6. Executioner with the BoNer STRAT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. C&C question ; Hey Jake what's the best way to upgrade your heroes? I'm a baby th9 with 20/15 heroes, after I bring my queen to 20 should I keep her going to 30? Or do you suggest switching back and forth between the two? Love your ninja and cleanup vids, keep up the good work!!

  8. Mic sucks

  9. Are you recording in bathroom ?

  10. Did some get through the whole video? The audio …

  11. isn't executioner megan's account?

  12. yea mic problem i cant hear properly…

  13. shit fucking audio

  14. * she very wisely used those balloons. smartly means accutely or sharply, you slap a hoe smartly, you use back end balloons wisely.

  15. there s a reason they r 2.0

  16. Hi jake. Are you part of the recruitement staff in onehive? I applied for Alpha and would love to join you guys

  17. bad echo please change that

  18. Executioner is Megan's acc Jake….

  19. Did anyone catch those two air bombs travel all the way across the base on jelzdiamond's attack?

  20. this shit sounds like nails on a chalk board

  21. Sounds like he recorded this on a calculator. Either that or he stood on the other side of the room. Mic problems much, Jake? ?

  22. Haha at 3:00 with executioner's miners 'slipping in the back door' lol


  24. Hi would u mind to tell me what application u used to edit your video opening? Thanks

  25. Just got left ear fracture.

  26. RIP EARS

  27. Sound.. sounds like your recording with your head down a toilet jake ?????

  28. I don't have words for the attack from duche that was too sick pfffffff

  29. Which is better onehive or 2.0

  30. hahaha the air bomb at 13:20 goes all the way across the map- the minions like "What did i do?" lol

  31. sound…..??

  32. " Help u guys S U C C less" lol

  33. Had to mute the volume on this video.

  34. Contracted cancer from this audio

  35. whoa dragon lvl 5 attack at TH 10

  36. 6:50, that is antibowler am i right?

  37. Audio made my ears bleed

  38. Poor 2.0 having a war against modders now. (We are Raiders)