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OneHive War #352

A nice 3 star selection from our latest clan war. Hope you guys enjoy the clash action and the TH11, TH10 and TH9 3 stars. Check out my Patreon page and help …


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  1. Where are other clans going to set up arranged wars? Anyone know?

  2. It's not the furniture Jake…. it's the mic.

    There is like a warpy sound, no echo would cause that

  3. Jake do you agree that the healers need to be susceptible to the black bombs again? I think it would help balance these bowler attacks and valks and queen walks, the healers attacks seem too OP, thoughts?

  4. level 7 air defense has a brown barrel, and the level 8 has a red barrel

  5. Lmao its called HGHB, been out for a little while now.

  6. weird glitch at 3:08 with the building on the bottom right

  7. So… the gihehobo. (you know you want to call it that). This is basically my farming comp if you replace the cc bowls with cc hogs. lol. I can see the bowlers under rage take my usual 80-90% and make it 100%. Sweeet.

  8. it's been out for years, bowlers just make it better because they will reach air defenses hogs can't

  9. Healers are OP. They're the reason mass bowler and the Giant strategy work. They also allow queen walks to become extremely high value, making it very easy to take down TH9s. At 71 AoE healing, 4 Healers = 250ish AoE Healing per second. Under Rage, that skyrockets past 500 AoE Healing per second. Even multiple max defenses aren't getting through that. The problem with Healers is that they can potentially indefinitely sustain troops. That's why you see raids with them swagging multiple spells/troops. When your troops are effectively invincible, you don't need Heals or need to replace lost troops. That's broken.

    A big part of the problem that makes Healers a necessary evil is Inferno Towers. They limit offensive options too much (they typically force you to bring a Freeze or don't let you use Heals which are a vital part of most strategic attack plans to mitigate damage), and are too strong for conventional attacks that don't employ gimmicks like Superqueen, Bowler/Healer spam, and Valk spam. TH9 doesn't have them and the gameplay is more fun and more rewarding (except for Healers being OP and leading to stuff like a Queen taking out half your base or Giants/Bowler attacks with multiple swag spells/troops). Think of all of the stupid changes that were made to make troops strong enough to deal with ITs. Valks becoming broken mechanically so now we can deal with ITs to have a shot at 3-starring but have to do so by just spamming Valks into the base. Bowler housing space reduced, and now they're being spammed with healers. Otherwise, high value queen walks becoming a necessity to even have a remote shot at 3-starring through something like GoLaLoon.

    tl;dr: Healers are OP, but so are Inferno Towers. As long as one stupid thing exists, the other stupid thing is necessary for 3-stars. ITs are literally breaking other parts of the game.

  10. All CRISPYCRUNCH does is abuse the meta strats… Not saying that's a bad thing just unskilled in other attack i think

  11. Some backround music will be great!

  12. Yes I brought hgh to PD and no I did not invite hgh but I thought I was the first one to create hghb did it first in PD and never seen it used anywhere the peled and I go to clash nerds to fc and have a no spell battle and rape everyone there then the next day saw everyone in fp clans with hghb – Avenger Poetic Darkness

  13. When would you use that bowler giant healer hog attack? Giants is risky as spring traps can take em out so quickly

  14. The giant HoBo strategy! Nice vid man :)

  15. Can u show some th8 attacks i know they may be broing for you but lots of people find them more helpeful than th11 bowler attacks

  16. It's called HGHB and its sick!

  17. Jake you be careful coming to my crazy city Chicago. Make sure you try our pizza and hot dogs

  18. Nice job!