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OneHive War #354

Some nice 3 star attacks from what is hopefully our last farming war for a while. Hope you guys enjoy the 3 stars and thanks for watching. Check out my Patreon …


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  1. hey can i join ur clan

  2. Jake plz add a new vedio fr ur breaking dowm bases series (plz do reply)

  3. Will you stream the "TheRedLine" war tonight? :O

  4. Who always skip to Town Hall 9 attacks on every war recap videos?

  5. "A-S Thigh-Land" LOLOLOLOLOL. it's pronounced Tie-land

  6. Max queen in 5 weeks, woooo!!!!

  7. Can't wait for The Red Line's recap :D

  8. Jake the reason i still play coc ?

  9. Woooooo

  10. hi jake?