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OneHive War #357

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  1. serpente in italian = snake lol

  2. We are Clan Titanium (lvl.10) ||#80LUGGYJ||, feeder clan for Titanium, Clan Titanium Jr.(lvl.9) ||#YJ9CC8Y9|| Back to Back War Clan with Loyal members looking for Max th8.

    What we got for you:
    – We are organized and active clan with clashers who love Wars and Wars
    -We do Wars back to back and only take break on Valentine's Day to make love
    -All of our Donations 99% gonna be max troops even from th8 players as we are level 10 clan.

    What you gonna get for us:
    -Solid 3 stars attacks. we don't mind even if you go lower for 3 stars.
    -Max troops before defense units. Always upgrade 3T: Troops, Traps, Tiny Little pieces of wall before Defense Units.
    -We looking for Max Town Hall 8 players. otherwise you can still join to our feeder Clan and Jump to Titanium later if you are good with 3stars attacks.

    Hope to See you soon, guys

  3. Nice recap, I like No.15 H.Bottom attack

  4. I wish I could go watch the stream:/.My football team is having a cookout hopefully u make a video:)Good luck on the war!

  5. Drogo basically swagged 60 troop space and 1 spell ahahah

  6. Awww yeah.

  7. Guys follow me on insta for coc stuff coc_mitchyboy. Sorry for the self promo

  8. did zef hold on to that healer until the queen passed that ad range? I thought that was unique

  9. lol tbh. I wanna see all the junk bases.

  10. We need arranged wars…

  11. Hello, this is kind of short notice but I want to take a moment to tell everyone about the FP potluck event that is happening on July 15th. It's a 30v30 random arranged war from a large pool of fair play clan from around clash. For more info click this link

    Please spread the word because the more clans there are the better chance you have at matching another FP clan and having a good time.

  12. Hey Jake. love ur vids man/ i have an idea for u and OneHive ) u get farm wars pretty often as i know. when u know that OneHive will win the war easily and ur opponent is probably not even gonna use most of their attacks , it is not interesting to do a war recap . just lame attacks on bases that we have all seen ages ago. but what about u make a fun war, for example, do a challenge that everyone in ur clan has to attacks with miners in the clan castle? i am sure it would be fun to watch , and u might find some new starts. anyway, u got the idea… if u do that once, the recap would be really exciting to watch

  13. I have applied for clash World Cup; at the start of the vid I thought at first that was what he was on about

  14. Nice Vid, greetings from Germany. I'm Early TH9 and really enjoy your vids :)

  15. How do they war against whoever they want?

  16. OneHive? Can I join your clan for a day? My name is; AB……M

  17. Can u stop that shitty outro? ''Jake from OneHive doing my best to help u guys suck less'' I mean what the fuck is that?

  18. hey jake, can you give us an aprox. time for when your stream starts? I'm over in Europe and would normally need to stay up to catch a stream. keep up the good work!

  19. +one hive raids
    how do able to arrange , arranged wars like recently you have with OH BLACK VS OH YELLOW
    we tried once but didn't able to match up please tell the proper method for matching up with friend clan

  20. I think the other clan thought: "F**k, this is OneHive, we're f**ked, don't attack them!" :D

  21. Upvote me pls