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OneHive War #363 and Update Thoughts

Sorry guys, replays got wiped. Have a sweet war coming up and discuss the semi update that dropped. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. Nice…

  2. First war @OH 6pack w th11 triple ? Rip my luck

  3. do you think that limiting the number of troops that could benefit from the warden's aura would be a good idea to fix spam attacks ?

  4. no more vainglory? rip

  5. #SCHatesUs2K16

  6. You could hear that jake was depressed about the update,……. Like so many others:(

  7. Hey

  8. But Jake… Mrs Jake is of Korean descent, so I thought you would have recognised the language a little bit…?

  9. Will you be playing Vainglory any time soon? I got bored of clash and only subbed to watch it and haven't payed attention to the Clash videos. Just wondering.

  10. My clan leaders came from red onslaught we don't like then cuz they were being pretty ass to our leaders

  11. Archer towers match the white th11 theme now

  12. its a koresn clan

  13. how is it that onhive are a level 11 clan? i thought max was 10, someone tell me what im not understanding please :D

  14. clan you were up against traslates to hail kim Jon un

  15. where you from

  16. Time 3:16.
    Any Austin guy?

  17. I was disappointed that the update only had 2 things for the highest th level, when so much more could be done as far as friendly challenges and new clan features are concerned

  18. Powerbang said that supercell needs to nerf Onehive. Any response to that?

  19. all the big youtubers are standing up for the war community, against the lack of updates against spam attacks/modders/fixing the friendly challenge.
    thanks for all the content and for doing this.
    lets hope they hear the call for greatness ?

  20. I hope they have an actual big update in store for the end of this month or for August. If not, SC is going to be in the same position as they were at the th11 update last year

  21. Damn the war I sixpack 1&4 replays get wiped. Salt! Lol. With so many 1.0 boys down in Prime you should stream our war too ?

  22. 'Jake from Red Onslaught' doesn't really have a nice ring to it. Their loss.

  23. Wow surprised you didn't talk about all the bans

  24. Third :2

  25. Hey Jake! Great vid as always.

  26. First!

  27. Hi Jake