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OneHive War #364

Rough one for the hive, but we will bounce back as always. Hope you guys enjoy the 3 star attacks. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as …


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  1. wow that's a woopin

  2. all this means is revenge is coming

  3. That is why I come to the channel, totally transparent, hey you lose…that's Clash.. imo there are so many elements involved to win clan wars…even the best and most consistent lose. Really speaks to the level of skill being played right now….guys are getting good fast…Lastly, I wouldn't mind just seeing failures…what happened? what do you think could of been done differently?

  4. Lol onehive got a 2/18 hit rate against PD…

  5. Great video! You guys are a Great War clan I have y'all bookmarked, you should check us out @JustTheTip our war record is 231-21-2

  6. im a modder

  7. clearly base building was a factor here. I've never seen oh lose by this much.

  8. Hey can anyone tell me why galadon has over 1 million subs but gets 20k views? Hmmm….

  9. arnt these guys modders?

  10. Idk but jake is never in the war or "watching" the war when onehive looses the war suspect

  11. jake do you have any healer walk tutorial, because my queen always goes the wrong side :(

  12. so red onslaught whooped onehive asses really hard

  13. I'm starting to hate these mass attacks at th10 and 11…just killing the creativity!

  14. Any strong th7's looking for a clan. Comment on my most recent video :)

  15. Don't go for D $ updates go for our souls pls. If you could not do it very soon I don't have any reason to kick you here in this blue salty planet!!!! lol


  17. Rough indeed, no worries about it you guys will have many good wars to come

  18. About to hit 1 Year of OneHive wars!!!

  19. I'm a Co from Red Onslaught. For anyone who I interested, we are currently recruiting TH9+. Good war OneHive

  20. Lol

  21. súh đůďě

  22. You should've let me join your clan you guys got spanked

  23. hate watchin when ppl miss hero abilities..

  24. Great video and good war OneHive! I will admit we had an unfair advantage on the roster but we all hoped this war was much closer and a nail biter. Makes it more entertaining for everyone. OneHive is still one of the most popular and respected clans in the Clash community and I have had them bookmarked for awhile. Don't listen to these haters!

  25. if you're sharp, 9:01 will prompt you to update your base ;)

  26. Hey Jake, will you be able to show the bases that OH did not clear? It will allow us viewers to learn what make some bases tough to clear.

  27. Man OH is slumping again I think.

  28. Onehive is dead. Twc community is dead. Coc is dead. Just unsub'd. RIP

  29. 2:43 Jake did i hear you mutter "Jesus Christ" lol

  30. You guys wanna hear a joke…… OneHive's war log.??

  31. 6th

  32. rip

  33. Thanks for the content. ✌

  34. sirtfirstrst!!!