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OneHive War #365

Some 3 star attacks from our latest war. Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as well as get perks for as little as …


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  1. Whatttt? MasterWeet! he was just in onehive!

  2. Nice recap. Just had a nice war with OHP. Was a very fun and close war

  3. nice air attack on the th11 love it

  4. Another lost "another modding clan" man stfu… Onehive just sucks and makes excuses every lost????

  5. Jake why the fuck you call them ex modding clan stfu they are just Better then onehivr

  6. Dang Jake I give you props for sticking with CoC all this time, I don't play anymore as I find it boring, and it's dead, but stay strong bro

  7. Lmao this game is dead

  8. I have a question for you jake. what are the other onehive clans that are directly associated with this onehive clan? the one you have your recaps on. also what is onehive prime to you?

  9. HA$$OUN is good af?

  10. Cmon Jake.. you didn't need to add the 'ex modding' part..

  11. jake – you're very kind to give an ex-modding clan the benefit of the doubt.

  12. How does it matter they are an EX modding clan? You all have Friendly challenges now don't you? GO work on your skillz rather than giving lame ass excuses they were this they were that. Respect what you do for war community but every time you all lose you throw some lame ass reason which doesn't make any sense. Give props to PD because they beat you on a leveled play field.

  13. it looks like Jake maxed his teslas and AD's before dropping his infernos. I'm debating going to th10 once I finish my walls and get a few higher levels on heroes (26q and 18k right now). wondering what my upgrade priority should be. 28 more lvl 10 walls to do at th9

  14. I miss HMB.

  15. being an ex modder has no apparent advantage over others now that everyone has the option to friendly challenge so don't need to mention it about all the clans you lose's not an advantage you're just doubting their credibility

  16. Wait by x modders you mean past modders or they use x mod?

  17. Aww master weet became a modder. I liked him:(

  18. Why so many down votes?

  19. Good game my dudes! Such a fun war, hope to war again in the future!

  20. nice war by pd. I heard 1.0 only fresher 2-3 of their th9 bases. in my opinion pd has the best th9 base builders.

  21. nice hit cruisin still repping the hammer yeeee

  22. jake didnt say xmodding je said ex modding

  23. Thanks for the vids! Been watching a while. What do you think of using a giant to enhance a queenwalk? I've been struggling with it because my giant always survives and the queen walks away from him without healers following her.

  24. I think it's official to say OneHive not in top 5 best FP war clans in game. OH is still good obviously, but PD, GT2, WW, PwC, Reddit Omega, DarkLooters all on different level.

  25. Th9 is a little bit boring…
    Th10 is more fun

  26. Great video as always Jake! I love War recaps! It's been months since i did a war recap on my channel, its got me in the mood to do another for my channel! Thanks for that!

  27. hey Jake, new th10, can I upgrade my walls or wait till I'm war ready

  28. Great war and great recap as always, keep up the good work man.

  29. Sign this L for me nigga

  30. All hail the jfk

  31. I must admit I seldom play now.

  32. Master Weet!

  33. Not all of pd are ex-modders. Close to half of us have always been fairplay. Just saying. Great even and fair war though! Hopefully see you guys for round 2 soon ?

  34. lol that executioner guy just copied psychonaut vs atk from pwc jake how low informed r u lol!!! all hail the jfk

  35. Bro i have filled your joining form how will you give me reply. That i can join u or not?

  36. Why so many dislikes?

  37. thanks Jake i have been a subscriber for 5 months now and i almost watched all videos on ur channel, iam learning and learnt alot from u jake, I gave u many subscribers , u deserve more and more, great job man, u are my favourite utuber and will be. Thanks for all the vids and dont get tired posting them, keep it up.thank u.