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OOPS! Clash of Clans Miner THREE STAR Madness!

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  1. Make traps affect miners when they are underground.

  2. lol

  3. ?????

  4. Nice video galadon I loved it

  5. Miners will become like witches…

  6. notification squad !!!!!!!!!

  7. Can you do a newer video on TH9 farming video? Also, legend has it that Peter17$ isn't even human.

  8. The miner is op now

  9. Is the legend true..?

  10. First

  11. with how much the miners dig under your base I don't see how the whole thing would collapse by now because you know they don't have nearly enough time to set up proper structure down there and with the amount of spam they're getting you'd think maybe your base would fall in like a sink hole

  12. the grand warden shouldn't be able to jump over the walls

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  14. They should increase his speed and DPS , lower his hitpoints and damage .

  15. galadon suggest one th 9 attack strategy

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  17. can you suggest th 9 best attack

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  19. th9 healer attack is best

  20. what for th 9?

  21. Dat was a huge selling point for me when I 1st started playin just over 28 months ago & now I'm a maxed T.H.10 wit 140 level 11 walls & 135 level 10's left to go before I can go to T.H.11 & I just wish they were still blue smfh. I for 1 want da electrified border walls back.

  22. Yeahhhh !!! Clash of Clans !

  23. They should remove minor bowlers

  24. lmao tht billy bob voice?????im dying

  25. 5:50 spoiler alert

  26. You funny Galadon! ?

  27. proof that miners are overpowered – galadon , GALADON got a 3 star with it …..

  28. they weren't actually buffed, for the most part a slower speed means a challenge to finish in time

  29. Make the Giant Bomb 2x Damage to Hogs and Miners to solve this OP Miner

  30. Nice work Galadon :)

  31. We are max we need lvl 12 Wall

  32. I was laughing death when u talked like Texas people????????

  33. last Who Cares? Harambe Is Already Down

  34. Wait you will reply??

  35. Well now that peters back i dont have to substitute him. he's as great as always

  36. So buffed maybe they should make a miner trap

  37. wow the miner are the strongest troop in CoC

  38. galadon 1 suggestion instead of complaining try accepting u would again love the game

  39. Nice video Molt (jk i know what you meant to say galadon. love these types of vids)

  40. yea we fking miss the blue level 11 walls all thanks to u youtubers u were complaining alot about the walls and after they changed it u were like ahh we miss the old walls -_-

  41. I am a th 9 and i miss queen walks have to use more dark for getting dark ???

  42. galadon bro tell coc to unban all of us plzzz last warnning plzz

  43. Supercell has no idea on game mechanics they really need to implement beta testers from real players it's getting ridiculous to see their nerfs and buffs be so bad they either make a troop a new trend or that thing in your attic that you go back to and say I remember those days

  44. Why don't supercell just remove the feature of miners being able to take effects from spells (I.e Heal spell, Rage spell, Haste spell)

  45. No.

  46. 496 th view ???

  47. Last time I was this early people said Cheif Pat is Peter17$.

  48. a good idea would be that miners do not get healed underground but supercell would never do that