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P.E.K.K.A. Back at TH9? HPHB Attacks!

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  1. Wow dude, this actually works wonderfully. Crushing bases in FC. Thanks so much for this!

  2. I cant say for sure if i was the first to use this strat because im sure many people thought about it too, im just glad to have a role in its growth and popularity ?pekkas ftw!!? ? 

  3. really love this strat. thanks for the idea. indeed much better than hghb.

  4. I heard of this before from a clan member, and I am going to start trying it out in FC. One thing you did not mention that makes this attack strat so valuable, is that with HGHB, I have had it happen ALL the time that the giants will be chraging through the base, and the queen will be following behind, then the queen takes ONE hit from a random mortar or small bomb or something, and then ALL 4 of your healers switch off of your giants, and then now start following this queen as she randomly goes through the base. All of your giants die off, and your bowlers to follow, and then there is too much left of the base to take out with hogs. So, with that being said, a pekka should hold the aggro of your healers for most all of the raid, because they share the same housing space.

  5. awesome thangks i will try this one

  6. Nice job as always

  7. All this proves is the initial burst of bowlers and rage is enough to take out a large portion of the base. Leaving it runner able to hogs. Nerf bowlers pls.

  8. Guys at Reddit Omega have came up with this idea

  9. yo anthony. pekka lover ???. your clan "B.O.S.S" is dead af mofo

  10. Really nice attack better and faster than that stupid hghb

  11. not really, bowlers are just op you can add anything else and would work just as fine if not better than pekkas, valks for ex.

  12. They need to give th9s level 4 pekkas

  13. was waitong for this…..nice vid!

  14. Thanks for the video. I'm glad to see Pekkas in war action.

  15. Looks like u can drop back to 3 healers on pekka. Nice option

  16. very nice attacks! amazing!! like

  17. so nice

  18. great video bro keep up the good work

  19. Im definitely gonna try this out in friendly challenge !

  20. Defintly trying this out in the war this night.

  21. anthony didnt fail this time lol