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P.E.K.K.A + BALLOON | HPB + BALLOON | Th9 New 3 stars war strategy | Clash of clans

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  1. nice

  2. very nice good man

  3. music please

  4. You cant use this strategy on all villages

  5. i dont have baby drags, what can I use instead of them?

  6. i was there on fiirst day of tecruitment i hope ill b let back in….ill try as ZombieKiller…as soon as our war ends hope my spot is still open..ill be by to check after second attack

  7. Great attack thanks for sharing :)

  8. حلوه

  9. Jump placement in your first attack could have been better

  10. Good one

  11. Why this fucking song everytime in every coc video?

  12. Hello? Can I join your clan? I want to experience 50vs50 clan war! -Th9 ,lv10BK & lv15AQ…I think your clan is best for me to master different War Strategies. I will try this HPB+Loon.

  13. per favore, Per FAVORE basta con sta musichetta schifo, mettine delle altre cazzo

  14. hola

  15. Hello….i am Italian and i'd like to join in your clan..but i don't speak english very well …i'm th9 queen 15 king 14 trups max

  16. Accept Me please

  17. I think this is the best strategy of 2016!!

  18. hey sry there is a mistake in my line I'd.
    Line I'd: zodiackiller2016

  19. u can train me☺

  20. +ransouvi bro plz give me ur clan tag…. i m max th9 with 41 combined heroes

  21. Nice video Souvik! 🙂 Liked the intro to the channel too! Lemme know in the game when you will post a video on a FC on me ;-)

  22. Hey Ransouvi Pls Reply.
    We are a Lvl11 Clan with 295-40 War Log.
    Maybe We can help you in recruitment if you are interested.
    We are looking for a family clan to play arranged wars.
    We have Members From WW & CW.
    Our Clan Mainly Contain Max. Th11-10-9.

  23. awsmn buddy.

  24. please please

  25. please please

  26. can i join your clan? im from philippines th9 max with lvl28 both heroes

  27. hey ransouvi add me in ur feature channel i will add u also

  28. gr8 man love ur vids!!

  29. Nice one Man! Loved it ;)

  30. Wow great ???

  31. Nice video souvik bro

  32. my clash of clan name is blissalburbohol

  33. i join mystic heroes but they kick me the one who kick me is SAMBIT

  34. i join mystic heroes but they kick me the one who kick me is SAMBIT

  35. I have seen this attack yesterday

  36. My shoutout ? :p

  37. 10th view

  38. This Strategy Rocks

  39. gooood good

  40. I like your Intro, & Videos??

  41. first

  42. RANSOUVI please th 8,5 war base