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P.E.K.KA is Back at Th9! | HPBB (Pekka + Baby Drag) | 3 Star WAR Strategy | Clash Of Clans

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  1. wow great strategy!! you are my best youtuber for clash of clans. Always new base and strategy ;-)

  2. nyc strategy ,, will try

  3. 0:35 music please ?

  4. You are growing very fast bro you have a good future!

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  6. What is the name of first music?

  7. it depends on the layout bro

  8. In most of the strategies baby dragons are used to clear outside buildings this looks fun??

  9. Woow ??

  10. do a video where you show that troops use to climb ( Th9 ) with replays …… you're a big .

  11. woow?

  12. Bowlers are OP

  13. if u would have used 4 earth instead 1 jump 2 poison it would have better,


  14. nice strategy,
    you can call this modified baby dragon attack.
    mass baby dragon was same u just remove few baby dragons n used pekka in place.

  15. Remember I told you to take that Jump in this attack ?

  16. good video

  17. Nice, but how you decide on which base this strategy is good or not?

  18. WOW very strong