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Patreon Attackers Episode #2

The patrons are at it again, wrecking some bases and doing it in style! Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to check out the Patreon page linked below for more …


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  1. like the switch ups with these vids

  2. Theses are some really nice attacks!

  3. This new series is nice!

  4. Awesome

  5. Love this new series! You're pretty good at keeping it fresh Jake!

  6. Awesome series !!

  7. Maybe you add this one on the patreon attacks low lvl heroes govaho #4 #2V8RVR08 clan tag

  8. HeyKale i really hope you answer this, so we should support u with the 4th perk in the patreon page so u record our attacks or with the 3rd perk you will record one of my attacks?

  9. That Coro!

  10. That dragon attack was cool

  11. Great series. Especially loved the first two attacks.

  12. maybe you already answered it, but maintaining the fair play principle it seems almost impossible to know if you are featuring an amazing attack that was modded.  I definitely like seeing new ways of people killing bases but wanted to see how you intend to keep the cheaters out of it

  13. mannnnnn that 1st attack blew me away i dont think i will see that ever again

  14. I learn so much from this channel. Since august till december from gowiping to gostarring. Happy new year Jake.

  15. Love the series

  16. Wow great th9 hits… TH9 is ez and dead We wanna see th10s

  17. Thanks JAke, Love it!

  18. nice attacks guys

  19. Very nice

  20. Damn first attack was amazing!