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Patreon Attackers Episode #5

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  1. hey jake i love the sires but if u could add a th8 attack that would be awesome :~)

  2. I'm ready for the death of a th10

  3. News of Alpha Gill –

  4. Supercell better do something fast…. Even the most devoted clashers are losing interest, which may not be a surprise…

  5. Great video fun to watch, Im actually going to be able to get my troops higher level its easy to get dark elixer right now. I think I can do it.

  6. hey Jake, congrats on the 100k subs btw. been looking for recent video on pentalaloon – is it still as effective on max th9 (under the right circumstances). drop in a link? lovin the vids ?

  7. so when does The Man get his own series? lol

  8. how do you kill th8 spread out base

  9. Hey, Can Someone Tell Me When You Get The Email To Know If Youve Been Accepted Or Not, Like How Long Does The Reply Take?

  10. Hi Jake, I can't thank you enough for all of your time and effort you put in to this. I have basically replaced TV with you and PB's videos on strategy, and its made playing clash as much fun as I could've imagined. I really enjoyed your video on the AQ walk mechanics and was hoping you could provide more videos along that line. I posted the same comment on PB's page because I feel you both have a great understanding of the troop mechanics and might be able to share some valuable/interesting information with everyone. I also enjoyed the planning videos you did that were longer but talked through different issues that come up in raids. Keep up the great work and I'm glad you are getting compensated for your efforts now. If you ever need a tax guy you've got one in your corner lol

  11. jake i just finished a war Semper Paratus vs Natives i have a good 3star gowipe attack against a max th8 plz check it out im Rugbygold

  12. The Man is becoming a celebrity on this channel

  13. It's so funny how Gill got herself in trouble for modding, so retarded, she sent a ss to a chat with A$AP Auzzy and some other guy and her xmod sign was there LOL

  14. Hey Jake, can you do a special episode, explaining the "feud" so to speak between onehive and 2.0? Labs had a vid about it and would like to hear your guys side too.
    Thanks! keep up with the solid content!

  15. TheMan is a good attacker yeah, but dont you think its only fair to feature some other patreons since they pay for this rather than feature the man in every vid, love the videos btw

  16. U ar the best nj

  17. 13:34 Enemy cc lava hound and skeletons from those Balloons were looking at each other and saying, "I wish I could kill you" ???

  18. "He decides he could use the heals on a farming raid or so, just kidding you know the man, he will swaf them all"
    lmao :'D

  19. lovely attack danger donkey!

  20. Alpha Gill, you fucking dumb blonde bitch. Fuck off

  21. Jake, you need to invite The Man to join OneHive

  22. Hey Jake, what do you think of the ZapQuake Tactic? I think its pretty overpowered and have been wondering why you dont use this more often, in our clan its common for TH9 3- Star Lavaloonion attacks

  23. Do you guys ever wonder why modders make memes of you guys being so toxic? The shit you people say is absurd.

  24. Next vid death of a th10 with Gil? Hui hui hui

  25. I think I've seen it all then boom patreon attacks. Crazy

  26. Before I watch this video, I'm just gonna predict that "The Man" will be on here with an awesome attack!

  27. Its funny how the bitch was explotig the game. Alpha gill if you are reading this I want to ask you 2 questions. What is the point in playing in fairplay clan if you cheat? And secondly, if you are such a disgrace why dont you come over and do me some blowjobs.

  28. These videos are the best I got so much to learn.

  29. 1st attack yes! lol I could've swagged that heal but wasn't paying attention and the WB fail everyone gave me shit for. Good stuff Jake thank you so much!

  30. Love it man, great attacks. Gotta love the th10 3 star. #Jake4SuperCellSpokesman

  31. Gill if you are reading this, FUCK YOU!

  32. These attacks were actually pretty good!

  33. The Man O.o

  34. ONEHIVE FOUND A CLOSET MODDER LURKING IN THEIR CLAN!!! I'm a supporter of OneHive, what are your thoughts on this Jake. I know this was out of your control but I was still astonished when I heard the news.

  35. Supercell officially doesn't like Jake

  36. Banter… Alpha Gill mods

  37. Wow that last guy was literally a th9 with level 32 queen thats it .. king -30
    wiz level 5
    loons level 6
    Lava Hounds level 2
    freeze level 1
    But only one difference that he had 240 army camp space and an extra spell slot
    Super props to that guy !

  38. inb4AlphaGill related comments lol

    TheMan's hits are always so fun to watch

  39. The drag gets to hang out a lil bit

  40. Gilly modders…

  41. Once again 'The Man' is amazing ! just outstanding player , currently my favorite patreon attacker

  42. Nice vid man, I need help In a recent war we where matched against a XMod Clan is there anyway to counter these Hackers?? Their Clan is #22CVJY2V feel free to Report them if you have time.

  43. Holy cow 3x swag heal

  44. Does the damage and speed reduction from a poison spell stack?

  45. I love this series because we get to see people destroying bases we normally see! And there's a few anti 3 stars in there too! Love it Jake keep it up.

  46. I did a th8 surgical and didn't use a single heal… my clans minds were blown. I made an illuminati triangle on the cc :P