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Patreon Attacks Episode #1

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  1. This patreon thing is really cool! Nice attacks!

  2. awesome

  3. first and second attacks were great. nice job guys

  4. clueless should have swaged the heal on cc :)

  5. nice vid man. keep it up.

  6. Sweet series. No doubt Grumpy Old Men mates will be on here. 6 Star Wars all day.

  7. Some WB would have been really good to take Clueless's AQ inside. It would take the bomb spots out and save the healers from the inset AD.

  8. how do u know when to use 2 or 3 golems in goho attacks

  9. Can't wait for the next one

  10. Looking forward to this new series!

  11. There you see how you teached your community :)

  12. nice

  13. Nice

  14. look i am your father

  15. Lol Serpente has this base since the th8 base building video!

  16. Love the low hero raids, nice start to what looks to be a good series.

  17. Good new series

  18. Nice

  19. Love the series i'm super happy you figured out a way to reach out to the community. Double thumbs up Jake!!

  20. jake are you hoping nadis wont be able to fix auto touch or do you not care?