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Patreon War Recap #4

I join my patrons for another awesome war filled with amazing attacks! Hope you guys like this selection and if you want more info on how you can be involved …


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  1. can you do a guide of th9.75

  2. Jake I wish you had more time in the day to add more vainglory videos! Came here for clash of clans long time ago but I love me some vainglory now ! Thanks for all of the content

  3. Speaking on behalf of 300 RELOADED a war clan at 199 war wins, we need more players to get a bigger war going for our 200 anniversary. Come help us get our 200th win, and have a BLAST. Clan tag #Q9PVP2C join the party!!

  4. Valkyries are so op that I just 3 starred a th9 with maxed defenses in 1 minute 16 seconds…I'm a 9.5 but the only advantage I have is an extra spell that I could have easily swagged. govaho for the win!

  5. Hey jake great vid I love that you consistently hell your patterns keep up the great work (I am not a protein but long time supporter)

  6. hey jake, do you have to be super hardcore level to be in these wars? I'd say I'm half the skill level of  these people but would love to contribute to the channel at the same time being in this clan.Could I take the experience of being in OH Patreon as a learning one?

  7. hi jake;
    that penta was really impressive, ive been struggling to find any good tutorials on how to penta,
    obviously in this attack the attacker knew there was a hound in the CC but in case there might be a dragon, is the CC the only threat to this attack ?
    and is there any type of base u wonna avoid ?
    thanks in advance

  8. When i saw the last attack was a govalo, i already knew what jake was gonna say

  9. i have to say I'm really disappointed with where this channel is going, you are not doing the series's we like such as ninja live or live with onehive, instead we are getting these boring repetitive videos. no wonder views are plummeting, this is becoming a patreon controlled channel

  10. Can someone explain how modding is dead? Thanks

  11. clan tag #pvc22jvl

  12. bro we got 7 straight wins and we use only gowipe and dragon attacks only something strange is happening….illuminati confirmed

  13. OHP OP

  14. How come you never show the bases y'all don't 3 star! Those are the main ones I want to see!! Please start showing them when it does happen.

  15. So u can join that clan whenever u want?

  16. how i can join this clan for a war

  17. 2:09 ???

  18. A some Videos Always washing your Videos?

  19. Jake, when you gonna convert to clash Royale?

  20. Im a fairly strong th9 , only need teslas and xbows , currently working on my valks . i have maxed hogs maxed heal and maxed loons ( at th9 ) i can 3 star maxed th9's, looking for a strong clan that uses 3 star strategies.

  21. Jake the type of dude to 99% a town hall 10

  22. wooohooo… 🙂 Congrats everyone who made the video.

  23. I subscribe to everyone that subs to me!!

  24. hey is modding dead ????

  25. Someone disliked the video before even watching

  26. 2

  27. Second

  28. first