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Patreon War Recap #5

I hook up with my patrons for another epic war in this one we get match with a clan that also has patrons in it! Patron army is spreading across clash! Hope you …


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  1. Tommy's ipad probably isn't looking so hit right now

  2. Jake would it be possible to do a war recap for each war your Patreon Clan do? These attacks with level 10-15 heroes is what we want to see!

  3. Hey I know he didn't use it on this video but anyone know how he draws on his screen?

  4. jake i think th8 govaho attacks work much better with 1 golem and 6 valks plus cc valks. that way u have more hogs. i am definitely getting better results like this. if any1 reading this wants to see what im talking about go search up gaming with roxas and look at the second attack in the latest war recap.


  6. How can i get in OHPatreon?

  7. That TH8 GoVaHo was awful

  8. 17:38 The Valks are coming in and that kings about to Explode ?

  9. Loved the recap jake!!! Thanks for going over my attack! Looking forward to more wars with OHP!

  10. "Respectable, max defense base." "Pretty much maxed out defensive-wise". Except there weren't any xbows. I know they're easy to forget, Jake, being they only have the ability to dish out over 32,000 damage over the course of an attack.

  11. You have some Patreons in holder clashers. Why not show a review of their attacks too?

  12. Jake. I applied to join. Please check email. Thanks. Awesome video!

  13. 4:32 legend of the last lava pup

  14. Prodigy from Sunnys Warriors!

  15. Super Trucker OP AF HONK ⭐️⭐️⭐️ HONK

  16. I must say that my favourite series is clash from the beggining I love it!

  17. I must say that my favourite series is clash from the beggining I love it!

  18. Some of these attacks looked like mere luck, especially the one from Bobby his hogs could've all been wiped out at certain points.

  19. sc ban hammer is release

  20. honestly chip2's attack was really bad and poorly selected, i dont understand why you chose it jake. first off he guessed the dgb WRONG, failed with his WB deployment, and made a ton of bacon, and his kill squad walked on him. Very Very poorly executed and it turned out to be a LUCKY clean up attack. We want to see attacks with skill not lucky ass trash where a couple valks take out the remaining 30% of the base. just a bad attack and made me cringe on the obviously bacon that was about to happen. please no more lucky shit attacks

  21. Haha thx for the shout out Jake!! 2 99%ers was tough to take when I had both bases crushed!! Was a Great War, congrats to holders, they came with there A game!!

  22. more th8 war attacks !!! :)

  23. RIP Tommy

  24. Nice? ! Do u have a road to max? And if u do can u finish it?

  25. Well done Patrons ! 🙂 Thanks for the recap Jake