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PB & Ash Talk Clash: Viewer Q&A Session

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  1. The reason why people find less dead bases is because they were so many bases on shield that the "dead bases" were available. Remember supercell said that 80% of attacks were TH snipes. This means that its harder to find those bases now that bases hardly ever have a shield now.

  2. Pb whats ur thought about getting a man of war like man of match in cricket….so we get 5-6 lac bonus of that?

  3. do you think that starting a clan now days is impossible. my friends and I broke off our L9 war clan, we're starting from the ground up.

  4. I have a few idea's for fixing the LOOT system.
    1. Increase the production rate for mines and pumps to about 4500 p/h for a lvl 12 mine and collector. also increase the dark elixer to let's say 125;
    2. increase the win bonus for each league, but keep the percentage-system;
    3. Keep each dead base a few days longer in the matchmaking system;
    4. defensive bonusses 40% of what the attacker would have when they had their win bonus;
    5. Maybe have the defender loose something like 70% of the loot that the attacker did manage to get.

    I think implementing a few of these idea's would help alot.

    Also I like the idea of Jake with having a matchmaking so that TH10's in Champions league can be matched with TH10's in gold league, not depending on their trophy level, but on their base weight. This might force people to come up with better attacks and go up in league, just like the game was meant to be.

  5. Awesome vid! First qns is mine haha, glad to hear your opinions PB and Ash!

  6. at 1:10 thought that was my skype but then i remembered i have no friends

  7. hey PB i don't know if this is intentional but there is no link to ash's youtube in the video description

  8. Very long video powerbang but i liked it xD Hey do you know of any ways to grow as a clash of clans youtuber? < part of the q+a

  9. This video could be used for a drinking game… Have a drink every time they say "You know". No way you'll finish sober lol

  10. first dislike

  11. Backyard Monster was the shit! It was the original Base building base on facebook! I was a fully max th11 took 2-3 years! And it died because the devs did a update that made the Game laggy which made players leave until they gave up on it 🙁 Sad to say but yea memories man!

  12. way to go pb. now everyone is gonna be staying up late to get a response to their comment. haha

  13. The attack on mutant was insane and unseen! You should try and get clan friends to use attacks like that more often!! seems like an overkill!!

  14. hi can i join whf rising i also applied fr it

  15. Hey pb what do you record on and with?

  16. For the defense bonus: I don't think it can be exploited since you'd be getting a lot less loot for winning defenses at lower leagues.

  17. keep it up guys

  18. first like and comment ??