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PEKKAS BIONIC ARM!!! Townhall 8 Pushing!! (Almost made it to Champs!)

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  1. I have 3 already

  2. i use gowipe and it works good i have a friend in my clan thats th7 and is master1

  3. Ur da best man

  4. me too only one x mastree

  5. 1:48 Woww Hopla! ???

  6. that intro killed me

  7. What screen recorder do you use ?

  8. I AM Th7 champion

  9. I have three Christmas trees on my th9 account

  10. im max th9 quen 30 king 26 but i never reach master… so i planed to go master by 2healers 16 giant 6wb 32bar 42arc 20goblin… so can i reach master like this?

  11. everyday i got x-mas tree its getting annoying

  12. I already have 3 Christmas trees on both of my accounts

  13. I only got 1 Christmas tree

  14. godson can you plz do a all dragon attack with any spells

  15. Nice video Godson!

  16. Poor Godson iv gotten 4 Christmas trees xD

  17. i have 3 christmas trees 😀 yeaahhhh

  18. I though godson was a black dude! #mindblown

  19. you can get 2 stars on a th9 with 3 golems, 4 eartquakes one rage spell and wizards 😀 and in cc more wiz or a pekka

  20. I'm at 2 trees at the moment