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Perfect Clan War? The Army Is Destroying! Clash Of Clans

  1. Souna what happened to the Royale clan?

  2. Thanks For Watching!

    I Couldn't Comment On Any Video But Now Just Made A New Account For Comments & Replies!

    Join Our Clan For Amazing Clan War!
    Hope You Enjoyed!

    Love You All! -Souna

  3. Nice but why MOHADED kicked me out the clan .I want to join again bro.

  4. Souna's Clan Name if you haven't seen the vid: Souna Army! Join him. They are a really supportive clan and active. If your looking for a clan I recommend Souna's clan

  5. Nice job Souna
    Sorry I could not attack the war before its just we have different time schedules and I'm usually asleep when it stars around 6:00AM my time and then I go to school and get back at 4:00PM and then I have to get ready for sports so that's to 6:30PM then I eat Dinner at 7:30PM then take a shower and go to bed
    I'll do my best to be more active