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  1. Can you play clash royale too

  2. I don't care what you do in your channel I will support you the whole way through if you be yourself 

  3. Play bloons tower defense!! Like my comment so he can play!!

  4. Maybe it will be interesting seeing you play new games

  5. Can play School Of Choas plz bro

  6. how about a season about minecraft factions?

  7. Cam are you going to do LPs?(let's plays)

  8. Way to go Cam! I'm always gonna be there as ur 32nd sub!

  9. Cam you should do walkthroughs with facecams

  10. Cam sucks at attacking and gaming

  11. Im fine with you not liking coc anymore but why why did you change your name???

  12. Will you still do clash royale?

  13. i was literally about to create a channel called #chensucksatgaming (got the idea from you) but then you named your channel cam sucks at gaming lol

  14. I personally don't like the name change all that much (well because it's change and I really liked the last one) but I think it's pretty cool that you make a hashtag that your subs came up with as your new name and I will probably learn to love it soon, everything else about the change I love and I like where you are going with this! As always see you in the next video

  15. Stupid kids so much drama …!

  16. You changed your name cam

  17. Cam If you like this change I like this change @camsucksatgaming

  18. Yes cam!

  19. Always gonna be subbed cam love you no matter what man keep the good work up

  20. Congrats on your new channel,best of luck.?

  21. Cam I don't mind you making other games it'll grow your channel keep it up and you'll move forward

  22. Unsubbed.

  23. cqotd.are you going to continue the cqotd?¿???¿???

  24. I still love your videos
    Keep going

  25. I hate this chnage

  26. You should play horror games plzzzzzz

  27. Loll loll best new name eevvvveeeerrrrrrrrr

  28. I am happy that you are still doing YouTube

  29. "it's kinda hard"- cam.

  30. Great Video Cam

  31. you should play slither every week

  32. Try playing plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 or Star Wars battlefront

  33. Do u play on a computer?

  34. can u play farcry primal


  36. DO COD PLZZ and what's gonna happen to ur clan???

  37. Weiners

  38. play some horror games.