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  1. i had a rat spawner and now I have a fucking. nothing spawner

  2. After I got this update it says my game is downloading and when I go on the App Store it said I can open Pokemon go but it doesn't work and I can't delete it so I'm fucked

  3. My local hitmonlee nest is gone due to the update cruse it .

  4. Fuck you hacker

  5. Ye we use pokevision. u know that they shut down because niantic told them?

  6. Pikatue now ekans and pinser and I'm not sure now

  7. I had a Pikachu nest at a local park close to my house, now's it's an ekans nest… Great -_-

  8. I dont know my old nest but I have a Vaporeon nest but it got nerfed

  9. Mine was a evee nest now it is a dratini nest

  10. um dratinis still spawn in by a lake neer mee soo

  11. Am I the only one got there account reset

  12. My local park is a dratini nest and my house is a pikachu nest????

  13. Dratini… KMS

  14. Had a pidgey nest… Sad its gone now

  15. A jynx nest near me became a scyther spawn

  16. Today i hatched 2 10 km egg and they were both eevee's fml

  17. the usa is a pidgey nest

  18. Complicated grave salt qrumho

  19. I have a Sornlax spawner

  20. I used to have a pikachu nest now i have a gyarados nest

  21. I got jynx snes on my backyard (yess ultra lucky) is it sctyther now?

  22. i cant fuckin transfer my shit anymore

  23. In San Francisco, the Dratini nest at the Piers are still Dratini nest :D! Lucky us :p

  24. I hate this update

  25. My fucking pokestops and gyms don't work

  26. What's the website

  27. i had a charmandet nest now i have a bulbasaur and now i am so close to a venasaur

  28. it sucks now!!!

  29. I got screwed with ponyta to geodude


  31. Drowzee and Jynx nest behind my house. It's still a Drowzee and Jynx nest.

  32. what happens if its a bulbasaur nest

  33. The update rest my account

  34. I had a magmar spawner but now it's alectibuzz

  35. I dont see pokemon anymore Wut ?! Help me please

  36. I had a bulbasaur nest nearby what is that now?

  37. I had a rattata nest in my garden and now it's pidgey :/

  38. my was growlith and turned to a pyduck nest

  39. I don't understand what this game is trying to be. You can't be a game about hunting Pokemon without the ability to track Pokemon. You can't be a game about building a large collection of Pokemon with such a limited number of Pokemon available region by region. You can't be a game about building a Pokemon team without a leveling system, I abandoned my starter instantly which is blasphemy in the Pokemon world. You can't be a game about Pokemon battling when there is no PvP and the gyms are vastly stronger than most casual players could ever dream to be.
    What a waste of one of the most desired apps in history. Everyone is complaining about the glitches but even if everything functioned perfectly I still think the game is poorly designed. The CP system is especially bad since there is no point to collecting or naming your pokemon, they'll always be turned into candy before you actually do anything with them :(

  40. By my house all we have are ekans, pidgeys, and evees. I was lucky once and caught a charmander, but that's as lucky as I got. Also, I found my only water pokemon that's not evee in a "river." All it was is a dried up ditch.

  41. My friend had a psyduck nest, what does that mean?