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POST UPDATE Town Hall 9 Farming Base – Anti-Earthquake/Jump – Clash of Clans

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  1. Been attacked twice so far with solid attacks and they have yet to touch my de tank. They get my TH and at most half of either gold or elixir, but not both. I've been through 6 bases and several edits per base, this is the best one yet! Now I just need a TH7 version for my 2nd account!

  2. aSH thanks alots for this farming DE base 10 raid my base always fail love u so much xD Again thanks Again Good jobs

  3. Will try this out. thanks ash keep them coming. hybercube was getting owned by earthquake

  4. I made this base and a strong attacker took all my loots at 90% damage 2 stars. The air defenses are concentrated much on top made base weak at low by giants and 4 healers.

  5. Ash, be honest. Lets say Clash would've been forever like it is now after latest update. Would you have been able to grind max heroes as comfortably as you've already done them. This update is the worst thing ever and being forced to deal with at least two +2k DE losses a day is quite a blowback while trying to upgrade heroes.

  6. Keep up the great work ash! Been of fan of your bases for a while!

  7. Hey, Ash. Nice base. Any chance of you posting a th9 farming session post update? Thanks!

  8. give th10 post update farming base

  9. Ash am currently using ur th9 themis troll base
    Any chance of a new th9 troll base after this update ??

  10. Great looking base Ash, copying it right now. Will post results on coc forums. 🙂 Hypercube has become so common that almost every th9 uses it and it's not a surprise that many attackers know how to wreck it. Keep up the great work.

  11. If our heroes are upgrading what should we put in place near the th?

  12. OH MY GOD ITS BOTHERING ME SO MUCH!!! The base isn't symmetrical!!! Outer ring bottom right is one extra tile inward.

  13. your videos are always good and helpful to us can uplease make a strategy to farm after update 🙂 for th 9

  14. Hey ash love ur vids. Gonna test this tomorrow as I am currently using hypercube with th inside and haven't been fully attacked since update