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Preview of Farming Townhall 11 – Clash of Clans

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  1. Oggi LV 327

  2. amazing youtuber been here since 10k subs and on your game center friends list it is a honour!

  3. You make it look easy lol

  4. Brandon: "I feel that the new Eagle Artillery is really strong,"Me: "Wha- wha- whaat."Brandon: "I mean against air troops."Me: Thank goodness, I almost had a heart attack.

  5. There's no such thing as farming any more Brandon.

  6. Can you make video how to drops troops on GBM stragety

  7. Where's the lets clash

  8. Question: Hi Brandon, what do you think of KoopaTroopa AD, In my opinion watching all your videos, you said at one point you used to donate a mil, so shouldn't u be on there.

  9. People say there is no more loot … That's ok it's because of Brandon he farmed everything xD

  10. Really awesome that you care about our time

  11. Hello Brandon
    Check us out at clan: Mini Donators.
    We are just a bunch of low level TH3-5 friends who enjoy donating and have managed to reach quite a high level on the game. Be sure to come and check us out, we will be more then happy for you to visit us.

  12. ?

  13. How can JadeStar in REQ N GTFO be lvl 321 when he only has donated one million

  14. hii

  15. Another awesome video dude ?????

  16. great video. i was just thinking that minions, although completely tanked by giants, will die easily from air bomb

  17. I have 1 1/2 days left until th 11

  18. Are you having trouble finding dead bases?

  19. this is pre-recorded he already passed level 320, an older video showed that he was 321.

  20. bradon up my village please you is the best youtuber ever