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PWC War Recap #9 | TH10 & TH11 Sick Raids | Clash of Clans

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  1. My bad, I thought you were Gayladon.

  2. I bet that accent would sound even better with my dick in your mouth! P.S. My inferno is set on single

  3. nice War Recap… keep em coming ??

  4. Matty has the valkyrie AI changed since the last week or so? They just don't seem to get attracted towards the jump spell.

  5. Psy is just a beast

  6. Dont apologize that's natural to prefer life

  7. you apologize every video.. seems you are not enjoying making videos anymore :))

  8. That first attack though! Never seen anything like it!

  9. Understandable Matty! Real life>clash. Can't wait for those next recaps

  10. Nice Video Matty Seems Pwc Juz rocking All clans now.