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Q&A #askhavoc | Clash Of Clans | Videos From 2012 | WTF Im Married?!? | 2 Years On YT!

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  1. dude no way my bday is February 7?

  2. omg he's 3 years older than me ?

  3. Why did you delete your 1up up boxing?

  4. Nice Q&A buddy!

  5. What happened to your unboxing vid, I was gonna watch it but now its gone

  6. Noteworthy games has not uploaded for like 11 months


  8. older

  9. wow i am 1 year later i thought you were 18

  10. Happy new year!

  11. Nice video I just redeem my first Google gift card I'm so excited lol 🙂 guys if u looking for some gems download cash for apps and use havoc's code havoc p's nice video havoc support all the way

  12. Wow I was born 2003 only 4 year difference ????? I was born in Feb too

  13. Yaaay!! You answered my question! 😀 7:40 btw my name is prenounced "Acro" but i dont take it offensive at all, barely anyone can prenounce it haha

  14. Wow 16?years old Nice video ??Happy new 2016

  15. Havoc ur amazing awesome guy really Lur ur vids n content

  16. Good video as usual

  17. 3rd comment

  18. I still remember your 1 year on YT video!!

  19. nice

  20. can i join your clan im max th 8 lvl 89 250+ war stars crystal 2