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Queen Charge | TH 9 Dark Farming | Clash of Clans

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  1. Thanks for the video and the goblin knife. I got my queen from 23 to 30 continuously just with the goblin knife ( 2 months without a queen sucks) I just started doing the AQ walk again, but I have been using Powerbang's mix, 8 healers, 8 WB and the rest arches. Use 4 healers on the AQ, and 4 spare (just in case). It build really fast if you don't use all 8 healers.

    I do like your idea of bringing four earthquake verses a jump, it saves time in the spell factory, and i have had the AQ not jump before.

  2. Really smoothe Jo… I gonna try it right now.. Gobs r gettin borin.. Im kinda pissed right now i have them in my lab goin to 6

  3. looks like a fun strategy. I'm getting bored using my queen walk with barch. have you considered a jump instead of quake? that's what I use.

  4. I've been just doing the hghb but I'm tired of doing it. I'm going to do this now. great video Jo

  5. Great raiding strategy. I've been using it effectively for around a year. Level 25 queen. One key difference in troop composition that I like is to bring 4-6 hogs. I use them only if needed as a quick strike force to take out an out of reach AD that would otherwise wreck the raid. I know they use DE, but I only use them as a last resort to save a raid. Great video Jo, keep it up man! And thanks for your service!

  6. what level quuen i have to do this? quuen walk??

  7. Great video.

    My archer queen is Lv. 11 I am using Archer Queen , 5, healers, 16 giants, 5 wallbreaker rest wizards. Spells, 1 heal, 2 rage, 1 jump, 1 poison.

    I'll try this one but … What army composition is good or do you recommend me if AQ is upgrading? I'm th9 almost all units upgraded.

  8. I see a super cool future youtuber in you!

  9. old school super queen used to use this even when my queen was lv1 glad to see it's still versatile these days

  10. Yus!!!!

  11. Great video will try with my lvl 16 queen :D

  12. Great video! I usually use the king to funnel or get de drills on the outside.

  13. this sucks my queen only lvl 7

  14. Yo jo where u stream at?

  15. This is so efficient and effective JO!! Thanks