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Queen POP. Engineered Bases. TH9. META OFF-SET QUEEN. 3 STAR WAR ATTACK. Clash of Clans

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  1. Beastttt!??

  2. Hey, I think the video was great and I've actually been using Laloon for awhile now because of ground xbows and defensive layouts being geared more to defend ground. This is an interesting adaptation to a standard Laloon, and I'm actually cooking up the troops to use it in war right now (I'm in Dark Souls, Lvl 11). However I just wanted to say that the base that you showed in the video definitely isn't an engineered base in the slightest. We go up against engineered clans all the time and it's much worse than what you had there. We're talking about a Th10 or 11 with completely max offense, but maybe level 3 walls and max Th7 defenses. That would be an engineered base. This guy who got 3 starred is just a rushed Th9.5

  3. I don't think BopaSnake's base was necessarily an "engineered" base; if he was trying to have an engineered base he is doing it wrong. No question his base is a strategically rushed TH10, but a true engineered base carries virtually no war weight and can three star the top bases on the opposing clan. If you want to see a true engineered base, look no further the blastcnb. That is THE definition of an engineered base.

  4. Really great videos. really enjoy watching you explain these attacks, and i will tgry and change my valk war attack to this now. not really getting me 3 stars consistently enough i wars. only thing, i have left my lightening spell as my last thing in TH9. i have literally maxed everything else apart from walls and heros. do i need lightening spell to me lv6 for this attack?

  5. as a person who loves air attack
    given the current situation your a great attacker

  6. You are beast man with that queen pop man ??

  7. I try to queen pop atleast once each war if I don't make a super mistake it's a three star … most of the time it's a three star so thanks for the help

  8. Hey cast, huge fan. Been doin queen pop last 4 wars. Got 5 out of 8 attacks 3 stars. Not bad for a dude wit lvl 1 hounds. Do u think u could make pop vids on pops that fail ? And then explain why and what happened.. Ps. Clan name saltibus. Gonna b lvl 11 in about 30 mins, and i got the star to put us ahead, used Queen Pop !! Luv it man . keep it goin

  9. Hey man, love your start, your sayin that pups would of got queen ? Enemy queen was chasin your loons and would of shot down lots of them if not for yours. Not questionin ya… I just wanna learn

  10. Congrats Cast been watching u for while like 2 or 3k subs glad to see SC finally tweeted out 1 of ur vids man. Keep up the good air vids ur an air beast.

  11. nice video cast.this attack is all about timing. just a sec thr and all fail.2 out of 5 I fail.but still nice strategy.pathing is really important.but u r best at question is how do u know tht what does opponent's cc contains loons or golem …

  12. How would you pull on a base where most of the towers are outside the cc pulling radius? I've sent you a picture of the base on the supercell forums. Basically I have to funnel an entire side with loons before I can even pull the cc dragon. Any thoughts on how to proceed? Do I destroy all 5 or 6 towers before starting the attack?

  13. is golaloon good at low th9

  14. could u do a vid on how u feel on the new update pls

  15. Funny how I look at the starting base and say "no way, can't be done." Aaaand then you just go pop it! I'm still a bit hesitant to try it in war, but I'll there

  16. I want to try this attack so bad, but the bases always have troops that can attack air in the cc. How would you lure and take those out?

  17. I like how you talk

  18. Man you make it look so easy. Tried this last war and it was a total flop. Hope I can get the hang of this.

  19. Hey cast i was curious about your base. I noticed you recently went up to th10 on your main and only built your walls. Whats your war weight if you dont mind sharing? Im th9 upgrading to th10 and i wanted to do the same thing as you but i wanted to know what kind of weight id be at. As of rn im sitting at 68k. Thanks cast keep up the queen pop, i always love seeing these attacks.

  20. Nice bro .. keep it up … its really helpful for me ..
    Make more videos like this ..
    My Townhall is 8 

  21. Cast N Blast, the Queen Pop strategy has come under fire for being too risky and unreliable. Essentially trusting that pups under rage will kill a high level queen is relying too much on luck. I've used queen pop myself and have noticed it does sometimes seem to be luck whether or not you can take out that queen, but I'm not going to blame the strategy for it since I'm still learning it. How would you defend this charge?

  22. dude. you got this down to science. good job.

  23. Nice cast. When I first looked at this, I though you would take out the center ad and go clockwise around and end on the AQ that way.

  24. I like air troops a lot i think thay are a little bit underratted

  25. Nice Cast like always