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Queen POP LaLoon attack vs MAX TH9 Popular War Base. New Clash of Clans OP Attack

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  1. Awesome ?????

  2. So what if you are the highest member in your clan and the only one with hounds? Could I possibly get balloons in the cc and bring 4 of my own hounds?

  3. Great attack, using same with success

  4. What are the requirements for your clan to join?

  5. Nice to see your channel growing nicely.. Have been here since 49 subs I think.. Thanks for the awesome attack tutorials.. Helped me a lot of times.

  6. Awesome video, I'll be sure to try out this strategy soon!

  7. what if I have Lv5 lighting? and lv2 quake ?

  8. Yes i searched on Google but the Tipps didnt helped me… But i Found a Twitter letter from CoC. "Player affected by: Your device is not compatible with this version. Please try Settings… But this Setting helped nothing.

  9. hi cnb
    I have a Problem that I can't download COC on my phone.
    Maybe you can help me?