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Queen POP LaLoon vs Anti – 3 STAR. NEW ATTACKER. Clash of Clans Update

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  1. my 2nd account it's a th8.5, max offense, low level heroes and I've been using at least 1 attack Queen Pop with maybe 90% or more success´╗┐

  2. did you say "thats my spiel" at the end? "Spiel" the German word for game?xD´╗┐

  3. Thanks bro. I'm getting much better with my lavaloons attacks´╗┐

  4. great attack gonna give it a shot as a new low lv th9 with lv1 hounds and max loons´╗┐

  5. Good job for someone just getting into this attack. Xbows set to air and lvl 7 ADs might discourage him a bit but its gonna all come together with each attack.´╗┐