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Queen POP LaLoon vs POPULAR MAX PCB base. C.C.Drag. 3 STAR Attack. Clash of Clans

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  1. Based on the old air defenses, I don't believe this is a post-update attack, correct?  Since the update I have failed to get three stars on 3 of 4 tries whereas I was easily getting threes 95%+ of the time pre-update on max th9s.  Seems to be an AI change with the pups and/or enemy AQ as she doesn't die as easily now.  Has anyone experienced the same?

  2. I have noticed that you have started doing surgical loon drop, instead of spam drop. I think this is the key after the update. I am still doing spam drop, which resulted in 2 failed attack. Will start practicing surgical loon drop.

  3. I've tried a couple times I've failed a lot lol but il keep practicing I'm just bad at attacking

  4. nice video, always enjoy your post, very helpful to my game. thanks

  5. What's the bowler going to do:-)

  6. What you me you can't see? A young buck like yourself should see fine:-) STFU quit asking supercell to nerf it:-)Got all my accounts back to normal after 10 long grueling day's. There is absolutely nothing that's in your device that tells you where, what, when, and how your account was created! You have to guess a lot and keep throwing shit at supercell and see if you guessed right. Fuck me that was a pain in my ass!! And it was supercell that screwed it all up in the first place! When they threw out that Royale in your settings wanting you to download the game. The game wouldn't install when I tried to clear the prompt and the next thing I knew when I tried to login to my account was that it wanted me to login to a th1 on all 4 accounts. Needless to say I didn't bite. But I had accounts on device's that I can't play on. Can't see the troops too small:-)

  7. what are the things you look for that tell you this attack won't work? AQ not near triangle? sweepers in core covering both sides? Keep these awesome vids coming! I WILL master this attack thanks to you!

  8. I love this attack but I am still struggling with the timing. I just hit a PCB like this and did it too fast. 2 ADS down haste over to 3rd and everything flew right over the AQ too fast. All my hounds we're still alive at 3rd AD. I should've held the haste and let the AQ shoot more while everything was overhead.

  9. Hey really enjoying your videos and wondering if the attack's still possible after the new bowler update?