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Queen POP vs C.C. DRAG using only 1 Hero. Clash of Clans WAR attack

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  1. I had a little kink. One cannon behind a wall made all my southern loons clumped up. I made a nice triangle but my loons had other ideas. It was basically this same base and same lvl ADs but a cannon followed by a wiz tower and archer tower with about a two tile difference got just a one star. I know it was my deployment of the loons now. But xbows set to ground and queen lvl 10 somehow she survived. Any tips??

  2. Ran this about 10 times for at least 28-30 stars. Love love love this !! Lv 6 zap coming soon last 2 Atks haven't used the queen or king for anything. Great work with this strategy and all the tips!!

  3. definitely loving this attack strat too cast. good results most of the time