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Queen POP vs POPULAR STAR BASE. UPDATE. 3 STAR Th9 LaLoon. Clash of Clans

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  1. Hello, i've been watching your GoHo guides for a while. Thing is i dont really have great experience with hogs, but i wish to start doing those atacks. So far gowipe was working for me because it pretty much secures 3 stars. I'm a fresh th9, but i got a queen lvl 5,king 8, golems lvl 2 and camps maxed with rage spell as well. So my question is should i go for goho or keep stick with something else (because i'm not experienced with hogs)?
    I would really appreciate a respond. Thank you a lot in advance. I love your detailed guides and i'm glad you still play CoC!

  2. Pls lower your coc clan trophies to join 900 trophies

  3. Pls lower your coc clan trophies to join 900 trophies

  4. Just found you, and I love laloon. Normally go penta laloon, but I will try this next war. I watch a few video, how do you pick the ad to zap? It looks like the one where the kill triangle is smallest around the queen, but not too sure.

  5. Thanks bruh, like I've mentioned I'm a ground attack guy and rarely use balloons. The only time I used them was back in the day when Holowiwi of some form or another was the shit! When you could get away with 2 loons 2 loons every where. I'll make adjustments with trying 5 packs of 3 in the opener and try and get the hounds and loons to hit the beach at the same time:-)

  6. I also need to add that I've only used this attack less than 25 times in clouds and war so it may be a case to where I just need to keep swimming:-)

  7. This attack is 50/50 for me. Max loons and hounds on 3 accounts. Struggling a bit with this because it's out of my norm. Strictly been a ground attack guy for the past 3 years. I get cold feet when it comes time to war. Small account usually pops 1 base and then it's oh shit that didn't work out so well. Then it's back to my comfort zone ground attack. Been having an issue with not getting the AQ! I know the problem is I'm a 2 loon per defense and what happens most of the time is the defense will punch a hole in my loon set causing the raid to go pear shaped. So do you think it would be better for me to hit the wall with 3 loons per defense? And leave the other 10 loons for whatever's needed? Or is it a timing issue?Of course it's impossible for you to tell without watching the attacks. I know it has to be something minor. Not a bad attacker war twice a week and have close to 800 war star on 2 accounts. like I said it's got to be something minor:-)

  8. Absolute beauty this attack. Have been using this strategy for many ways and getting 3 stars constantly. There were 2 guys in our clan, who were constantly failing to secure 3 stars. I suggested them to see their videos and also to see my attacks and this war both of them actually got 6 stars eash.
    Great strategy, great videos man. keep it up :))

  9. any good war Clans for a TH9?