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QUEEN WALK FORMULA with Expert Hundo – Best Strategy for Th11 to 3 Star Th10 CONSISTENTLY

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  1. who you gonna call… HUNDO!

  2. Do You Ever Have The Feeling Were You Just Want To Violently Scream That You Love There Channel? because I FUCKING LOVE YOUR CONTENT, MORE MORE MORE!

  3. hundo sound like one a the moose from brother bear

  4. I think I understand but I'm new to th 9 so queen walk not that work able clan is a 9 as well. Don't mind the clean up , but not good at hogs is there something else, besides gowipe?

  5. great video ash

  6. The Archer Queen is so hot.

  7. awesome video. I do similar a lot but I usually just want my aq to fly solo on 1 side if there is a Hound in enemy cc so she doesn't get bogged down.

  8. All hail Hundo.

  9. Always a privilege to be on the channel. Thanks Ash!

  10. He sounds like Bill Murray :)

  11. your were gaing subs so fast what happed

  12. Much better intro Ash!


  14. Wazzzzzzzup

  15. I promise you this man is from ghostbusters

  16. awesome video ash!

  17. Can you please do th9 goho queen walk tips have to preserve time because i keep running out of time do to 30 seconds gone

  18. Great video Ash! Excellent interview by Hundo, way to go man!

  19. If I don't have queen, what else is as good as queen walk. I am a town hall 8 now .

  20. first comment but 4like wow

  21. Hi

  22. first

  23. 1st views and like!!?