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RAID HQ iPhone Game ::Gemming:: [Legend Chest!!!]

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  1. How does the time limited offer work where you pay gems for a "chance" to win a featured card at the top of the store?

  2. +GamingwithNick Maybe someday,you should rest among YouTube Giants. I recommend you to make Vlogs!They will make you popular.

  3. Nevermind,sorry….I just started the game and didn't know I have to wait to claim the premium gift…

  4. How do you visit the temple of gods?P.S I just started yesterday,and your videos are the best!Keep Making Videos!You deserve MILLIONS OF Subscribers!

  5. I did but I helped allot of people and they all started talking to me and welcoming me so it is probably gone they are so nice it was a great decesion to come to this alliance see youthere

  6. Just entered your alliance your guys are so nice

  7. Ghost is still my favorite! Lol