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RAID HQ ::LEGENDARY CARDS:: Titan & Alpha + 4 Legend Chests!!!

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  1. It's not letting me message you on twitter lol, here's mine – @Kid_Fly7

  2. Nice video dude, keep up the good work, I shouted you out in my video about God of olypus, I will be making videos for that, when android gets it, maybe you can check it out, be good channel man

  3. Bro what a card pull! Titan and Alpha in the same pull! Plus Titan looks amazing!

  4. Fix your screen plz

  5. You r so rich

  6. Hey Nick, congrats on 1k!

  7. Wow I so jelly

  8. What's your clan

  9. I'm in tears

  10. Omg he responded

  11. Hey I'm in salt life man

  12. Do u know if you only get legendarys out of epic boats from battle? Or do u have to buy chests to get legendarys?

  13. Been with you since 273 subs when it was only GOO you got me playing it also and yea I'm bored of it too tho ???

  14. congrats on 1k subs man