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RARE POKEMON EVERYWHERE! Pokemon Go at the FAMOUS Santa Monica Pier!

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  1. Turn off the VR it will help prevent the game from freezing

  2. Wish he gave that homeless lady some money

  3. Fucken click bait mother fucker !!!! Where the fuck was the aerodactyl ???

  4. I found a fucking 815 charizard at the pier and he ran away

  5. Ayyy , i just di the exact same thing with the XP , got 20000 as well and i skipped level 16

  6. я там тоже играю, но с России

  7. dude poke vision is helpful

  8. So mere pokemon

  9. What mic do u use?

  10. there was a gyardus in the water

  11. how did u manage time for coc and pkmn GO. Seriously

  12. haha, go check out pier 39 in san fran

  13. Only level 16?

  14. Wow, the only time that I go to Santa Monica pier to catch Pokemon was the day when the servers were down for almost the entire day!!!

  15. say monica really slowly. see what happens ;)

  16. That was hilarious at 9:03

  17. YouTube is fucked up. Vids won't work and all comments say one month ago! When was this vid made! 2 days ago?!

  18. I caught a Magmar with 984 cp and an electabuzz with 734 cp at Santa Monica pier

  19. I'm headed to Santa Monica from Colorado using the hack lmaoooooooo 4x speed ahead boys!


  21. im surprised i didn't hear OMG I JUST GOT A FU*KING POLIWRATH lolXD

  22. Team mystic FTW

  23. Fake fans don't deserve this…..

  24. More Pokémon

  25. pause right at 5:47

  26. is dratini or squirtle rare ???

  27. the Santa Monica pier is garbage. You know that if you live in LA

  28. Jelly bich ????

  29. Gta 5!

  30. you both look like fuccboi faggots

  31. when u saw the thumb nail and saw it is fake cause of kanghaskan

  32. omg 92 growlithe candy

  33. How many different pokemon have you unlocked in your pokedex?

  34. not even rare

  35. you should do more of these


  37. Link for the Intro Music???

  38. i am now th lvl 9!!!

  39. Never seen or caught a growlithe or arcanine

  40. What is the pink on the screen?

  41. I mean app

  42. That's a fake website

  43. I need to go there because their ain't shit where i live

  44. i wonder how much money those people make that sell food their like actually look at all those dam people


  46. You know that fucking situation were there are rare Pokemon nearby and you have one pokeball

  47. When you figure out ekans and arbok spelt backwards is Snake and Kobra