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Red Crucible Firestorm : Rasputin ? [Sneak Peek]

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  1. Good video ;)

  2. Hey araa it's me wolf. I spent $25 on coins and never got them, I tried sending a message to the help desk twice but I never got my money or my coins
    Can u help me out bro?

  3. hahaha Putin lol, :DD Nice video ARAA <333

  4. Nice bro 😀

  5. If only i wud be that mod and saw u following me….. I wud ban u from the whole game!!

  6. I Had your phone number and your skype and You look like your following Him like a boss xD

  7. Lol I imagine Dropkik was probably like get out of my way or something. Well, if I was a modI would do that.

  8. nice

  9. why don't they just fix the bugs…. better than just creating a strange gun??

  10. Nice Video #ARAA <3 :D

  11. NC and good job bro XDDD

  12. I sure hope it doesn't cost me 20+$ to get @RGS you con artists

  13. nice video araa :)

  14. Better Edition!!

  15. I love how you just followed him around like a sick dog :P

  16. its dev gun ?

  17. lel nice :D

  18. Did you realised his head xD Aladdin and Putin ftw :v

  19. it's that pistol?

  20. oh really? Nice 😀 # Apored :)

  21. cool vid