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Retro TH9 Raids | Clash of Clans

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  1. Lovin ur vids

  2. can you do all the 3 stars strategies for TH9 in 1 video
    i suck at wars so that shoukd help me
    i love your videos ..peace✌

  3. fun vid, to say queen walks are getting old is like saying dragons at th7 are a bit blase

  4. Ayeee

  5. I was expecting an attack with no dark spells when I saw retro..

  6. Retro would be with no dark spells and the zap for the cc like in the old days .

  7. 'an obsession with pressing the power button on my laptop' haha, what a hero

  8. we want BEN on 50k sub!!

  9. ey a new logo haha. i thought wtf is this channel

  10. Matty is that your daughter? :)

  11. Nice video matty. i like these random videos. especially this one. well done. keep it up

  12. 3rd this time not third!! :(

  13. 2:48 am and I'm watching you lol… I think this is a good addiction lol

  14. Mattyyyy