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RIP Max Level Hog Riders in Legend League – Clash of Clans

  1. Your heal placement was horrible

  2. Ya Brandon you fucking suck at attacking w hogs

  3. dont say hog rider high pitched again pls

  4. No offence this vid is really bad

  5. Nice vide brandon

  6. See, Brandon, this is why we invent "Killsquads"

  7. zeal

  8. Fuck you.

  9. At 4:47, Brandon said, "You're so gullible"

  10. use a gohog

  11. Lol the way he says HOG RIDER??


  13. of course you are going to fail hahaha you have to use a good hog strategy

  14. god….!please don't say again hogrider 😐 my ears are bleeding…

  15. You need to learn how to use the grand warden abillity. you use it earlier so that more troops become invincible and therefore get deeper in the base.

  16. one of the worst hogs attacker ever XD

  17. tem q saber usar neh kk

  18. nice video "HOG RIDER"

  19. haha youre now in titan ,that hogs are an old photo

  20. Love when u say hog rider it sounds like your voice is cracking and it's funny

  21. Brandon, but you're tired of knowing the pigs don't use so also not and even? your esttrategia Nos videos were wrong statements

  22. sabe usar cura n ?

  23. If you would actually use a propper strategy with hogs, you would actually get a solid 2 star. lol

  24. hi brandon did you know that you can chat in colors in clash royal #qa

  25. HOOOOGG rider

  26. lol bredon can't even say hog rider he says hog riederss


  28. the problem is you suck at hogrider attacks.. who tf would spam 48 hogriders, place bad heals and then say those hog riders don't work…

  29. Brandon how did u get to 5000 trophies so fast

  30. can you pllay clah royale

  31. This video made me cringe:(

  32. hi

  33. Hog Raiders are good. You must learn to play with them xD

  34. The way you said hog riders at the starts ahah love it!

  35. they made the posion spell useless

  36. hy Brandon why you are not showing your real defending base…

  37. I'm sorry to say this, but the way you say hog rider in a high pitch is a bit painful. It sort of hurts my ears. I know that it isn't my job to judge, but just an observation of mine.

  38. Great vid

  39. Very Nice Video!

  40. Hey

  41. Wtfffff

  42. oh you suck :(

  43. aha

  44. Nice video Brandon, i Russian federation!