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Roasting the NEW UPDATED Clash of Clans Textures Review + Reactions & Opinions

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  1. i read a comment some where saying that new air defences look like crayons, i agree lol

  2. Savage clear, nice answer i didnt hear it, sorry for the spam though also im honoured to be featured but me too lazy to change base huh

  3. Whoops commented to early xD

  4. They also changed army camps, when you click info on army camps the picture is different. Also what you mean tombstones stops the 3star?

  5. 🙁 gonna ignore me? ;_;

  6. Roasting Supercell clash of clans gone right lol. Yeah I find the texture for clash is pretty unclasherific lool

  7. Nice intro

  8. Poor wittle air defense you roasted it too much

  9. hahah u roasted the air defense well. Now roast Leana please.

  10. Yo asians think alike lmfao I thought legit the exact same thing when the update came out xD

  11. yeah,im still watching but starting off its good

  12. nice vid