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  1. #askatta Are you going to be doing like a clash of clans celebration for everytime the Atta Army reaches a new clan level?

  2. Nice Gameplay, u should play this again but keep switching it up so it does get boringm

  3. there is jet packs in infinite warfare

  4. Atta chewing gum while recording :P

  5. 50 SUBS ATTA. 50 MORE.

  6. love the game play more ??fudging nice vid mann?????

  7. love this game, keep playing it!

  8. Actually Atakski if you look closely at 0:571:00 in the official trailer video Cod: infinite warfare two guys in the left will be using thruster jumps so just giving you a heads up there will be thrusters or jetpacks in Cod infinite warfare. Don't know if ur reading this comment ?

  9. Keep playing

  10. can you make a mw2 video please

  11. Rocket League is so cool

  12. nice car

  13. more rocket league

  14. Play different games all time and keep going back to ones u like

  15. Atta, how's Nesquick doing?

  16. Lol you kick their ass! ? lol u pretty good at this game

  17. play more rocket league!

  18. Nah rocket league is cool

  19. wheres the next clash of clans mythbusters?

  20. You're so good at this game?