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  1. Play the division

  2. ??

  3. I like it more being more of different games

  4. cough try csgo cough

  5. I am Here for Gaming and Ur beatboxing

  6. Play CS:GO . hahaha

  7. You're getting good at this game. Pretty nice goals towards the end. Maybe try some mods with gta 5?!

  8. I have to say I hated cod but I watched it hardly now I CAN WATCH YOUR VIDS!!

  9. you suck I love the call of duty

  10. Atta but ur bae, no wonder you got so many subs so quick also I like your voice XD I find it soothing:D, idk why

  11. You just lost a sub

  12. No matter what

  13. I will always be a fan of u

  14. I'm sticking to this channel Rob

  15. Is Nesquick coming back?

  16. Lol jimmy is a sore loser XD

  17. Lol poor jimmy ?

  18. Infinite warfare is so fucking retarted they're just going to shove thousands of dlcs down your throat and even up your ass

  19. Atta bro it doesn't matter what game it matters who's playing it. I'm staying with you till I die bro.

  20. love this channel

  21. Rob u shouldn't be feeling this bro try playing old call of duty games just play like the first black ops or second or play other games like modern warfare 3 or call of duty 4 or play world at war

  22. comment has been left for atta

  23. its my birthday can a get a happy birthday reply??

  24. atta i am a true fan i watch all the videos you make keep all the good work ?

  25. Lets See win wins

  26. Amazing Gameplay

  27. 14th

  28. A fun FPS is planetside 2, you should try it out

  29. Nope

  30. atta, you so good at rocket league

  31. I'll be back when it's in 1080p

  32. First

  33. love that game

  34. First!!