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Rust Clan Wars – Raid on B2B Island #4 (Rust Gameplay)

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  1. lol… right where you first breached that wall, I had build that small stone structure outside the wall after I got myself Tool Cabinet rights so I could later jump the wall. :)

  2. What happened to etone

  3. I watch all of your vids

  4. Hey German love your vids keep up good work. My clan is looking for a new server to play on. We have 6-10 players who play regularly. We might try out your server at your next wipe. Hope there is room for us ;)

  5. Damn my own clan, dread, raided with you and I missed it :(

  6. U just said your code was 8585 and the wipe is only at 3rd march xD

  7. soooooooooooooooooooooo much action and other good sh*t is missing from this video, raid was fun , you raided already raided bases so that s why there was no big loot…. you should have some other members record too or someone raidcam, bcuz if you only show you blasting trough walls and blowing yourself up is not intresting to watch like you show only your part of the raid if floxz or hotfire would record too then there would be more intresting content, but yeah decent vid and a nice raid :D

  8. overval op? why is the title Dutch xD

  9. are u dutch because of discreption

  10. Dutch title and description? Lol

  11. 怎麼是中文

  12. i smell google translate

  13. Why is the Description German.. when you speak only English?

  14. I cant find the server on rust?

  15. Kannst du Deutsch sprechen?

  16. Ow nl wist het nie ik dacht ie was engels @Thatgermanguy

  17. FUCK! I was sure my turret had tons of ammo -_-

  18. gg

  19. @thatgermanguy the only fun times was when Riddim was on the server you should bring them back

  20. D Day

  21. thatgoogletranslatorgermanguy :>

  22. Does anybody else watch the intro like 5 times?

  23. also what's the times on the server I forgot?

  24. good vid man I miss Riddim they still play there?

  25. please mute that 12 year old hes anoying af

  26. i thought there was no offline raiding?

  27. Thank you for raiding them! They killed me xD

  28. im rlly high or the description is in spanish??

  29. Hey German great video and very fun server hope you are feeling better

  30. what comp do u have u get like 100+ fps

  31. Noice, i paused it before the AIDS outro

  32. German how come you don't use those helis too as defense or attacks

  33. C'mon German you act like the heli is hard. I've soloed it with an M249 and 100 rounds.