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See Who is The First Player With Level 50 HEROES and MAX BASE?? – Gemming Xmas Update

  1. insane ✌


  3. Joulu vitun kalenteri

  4. Plz give me 1 account plz my nbr 7978829328

  5. Upa upa upa

  6. How you have got this much gem

  7. I tried for legend league for one year and achieved it but now i felt bad to search for opponents
    And now i came to know champion league is enough for attacking and looting😋

  8. Is he drunk

  9. Are you gonna mad what is uppa uppa uppa ?

  10. u use worst words its bad

  11. it is hacked man

  12. Just fake

  13. private server 😊😊😊

  14. Hahhaha lol hacked version

  15. How u got 300000 gems

  16. What the fu*k is this guy saying

  17. How a RICHMAN do

  18. Uupa uupa chutiya

  19. I know this guy is from Pakistan

  20. joulu fucking kalenteri suomi on nykyää syöpää jk lol 😅😅😅

  21. Rich fellow

  22. This is really insane

  23. ipanda is right

  24. Sir I need to come ur clan plz th 8 Max sir plz

  25. are you drunken😰😰😰

  26. are you drunken😰😰😰

  27. Is he drunk?

  28. Dr mujtaba take ur one in my clan Pure Pakistan

  29. Bro are you american or filipino ?

  30. upa upa upa 😂😂😂😂

  31. abe issse pehle Black August ne kia tha msne dekha tha

  32. I need a claan

  33. the game is impossible to max out without paying for it

  34. Upa upa upa upa