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Shattered LaLoon. 3 STAR TH9. After UPDATE

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  1. hey whats up? 😉 I am waiting for vids to 3 star anti 3 star th9 bases and maybe tutatiol for "queen walk", because queen walk usually needed for anti 3 star bases. thank you for vids :)

  2. I love this man !! Can you do a video where you visit peoples bases and review them ? It works like this :
    1.People who want a base review leave their Clan Tag or Name and the Name of their base .
    2.You visit the people during the video and you say if we should move some buildings or what troop you think we should upgrade next, you check our Info and stuff blablabla 🙂
    i would be very happy if you could do that ??
    btw my clan Tag is :
    #9RCR2YVL and it's called # INDIANS #

    my village is obviously called :

    and i am a th 9
    thanks ???

  3. thanks a lot cnb! although anti 3 stars are targets for AQ walks but its okay.. AQ walks are fun to watch.. lol..

  4. can you also do a vid in setting up an anti 3 star th9 with good gbomb spots? thanks..

  5. love the vids man! awesome tutorials! 3 starred all moats bases weve came across..